Create a Free Video Conference Call

How to make a free free video conference call easily with your own personalized link without registration.

Online Video Call has simplicity as the main objective alongside high quality video calling. We offer a completely free unlimited video conference calling service, no registration and no app or software to install. Chat with upto 20 chatters at anytime. With WebRTC technology our video calling is available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices running through any browser. All you required is an internet connection, there is no need to download any software.

How to make a free video conference call.

Our group video chat feature works in the same way as a video conference call. However there is a little trick you can use to make it much easier for colleagues to join the conference call by customizing your unique link to something more memorable.

When you use our Group Video Call option you are given a unique link (see the example below).

Free video conference link

The link you see (in red) is automatically generated by our system by adding a unique number at the end. Every video conference has a unique random number attached to the URL. This offers complete privacy so only those that know the link can enter the conference call. Normally you would send the auto generated link to those who you would like to join the video conference, however as the link changes each time you create a video chat, it can become a problem sending a different link each time you wish to hold a video conference call.

To make things easier, simply change the numbers at the end of the link to anything you wish. You could use your own name, the name of your company or the division your work in. It can be anything using both numbers and letters.

Try this demo link here

As you can see we have changed the numbers to “FreeVideoConference” which is now accessible by anyone who uses that URL to enter the call. The same can also be achieved using our One to One Video Call service.

To create your free video conference call click here.

What can you use our free video conference calling for?

There are many reasons why you might want to make a video conference call. You may already use Skype or WhatsApp to chat using video with family and friends in groups. Skype is very popular for business conference calls to allow colleagues to hold live meetings from various locations around the world, connecting to each other live via video chat. Now what makes our service different is you don’t need to have an account or profile. Our service is browser based without registration. Creating a video conference call for a group of people cannot be any easier!

Follow the guide on this page to create your customized video conference link and send it to the people you would like to join you in a group video call. You can use our service to chat with friends and family or hold business meetings no matter where you, your family and friends or colleagues are located around the world.