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Online Video Call

Online Video Call – Free Unlimited Video Calls Online, No Registration, No App or Software to Install.

Online Video Call allows you to connect with your family, friends and colleagues with our free video calling service. Browser based, no app to install and nothing to download. You can start making free video calls right now to anyone, anywhere, on any device. Chat for as long as you like, enjoy unlimited free video calls!

We offer private one to one, group conference calls, file sharing and a open public video chat group. Create a call with the click of a button. Online Video Call is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera and most modern browsers. Choose a call, share your link and enjoy an unlimited online video call.

Compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet.

As long as your device has a browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you can use our service to connect with anyone anywhere in the world at any time. Our system uses peer to peer WebRTC technology, connecting video chat via your browser without the need for flash or any other media driver. WebRTC is available in most browsers as standard and works with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Make both private one to one and group online video calls.

We offer two types of video calling. You can make a private one to one call with a single person or create a private group chat with multiple people at the same time. Only the people who have your personal link will be able to join your video call. You can chat with video and send messages via text chat. You can also share small files up to 100mb in size.

Create a free conference online video call.

For both business and leisure you can create free online video conference calls with your own customized link. Video chat with upto 20 people at any time. We have made it extremely easy for anyone to create a conference call without registration. Learn how to create a free video conference call here.

No data stored on our servers, your privacy is 100% safe.

Our system works browser to browser using WebRTC and P2P technology. When you connect with another person, you connect directly to their browser via your browser. All data is transferred from one browser to another without storing any transmitted or received data on our servers.

Fast and simple to use.

Choose whether you would like to make a one to one or group online video call. When you enter the page you get a unique link. Share that link via email or message to the people you want to chat with. When they click that link, they will enter your video call.

See the example below:

How to make a free video call

To make a free online video call, press the “Copy Link” button and your unique link will be stored on your device. Paste it into an email or message and send it to the people you want to chat with.


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